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  1. Get the latest version of mplayer (while I am writing this site this is pre8
  2. Unpack downloaded source using for example programm - Ark - it can be found in KDE start menu // Utilities // Ark
  3. Then make configuration and compilation. The most importan option is to enable GUI - other things are configured correctly by default

    ./configure --enable-gui
    make install

  4. Get the skin from here rename directory with skin as 'default' and copy it to this directory: /usr/local/share/mplayer/skins
  5. Get the font which support your language (I mean special signs which are additional to English in some languages - for example in Germany or Swedish). To check if you have correct font open font file (which is ended witch ttf (*.ttf) ) with KFontViewer and use icon with T and then put in the line letters which are characteristic to your language - and you will see if you have correct font. When you run Mplayer in configuration choose location of font (the best option is to put font file in this directory: $HOME/.mplayer/font/


Configuration file is located in home directory: $HOME/.mplayer/config

The most important options:

  • Change height displaying subtitles (very useful if the movie is in diffrent format than your screen (for example you have CRT monitor - so fortmat is 4:3 and movie is in cinema version so it is in 16:9). To change this option add this line:


    the most important part is -130 which you should test if is OK and change if not - for example to 0:-100:0 - depending of size of font used to display subtitles.

In future there will be more options described in this site section.

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